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Jan 26, 2022

On this episode, Gino interviews Teresa Kuhn. Teresa is financial life designer and educator. She has a passion for formulating innovative blueprints that help her clients grow and preserve their wealth. A respected financial educator, best-selling author, and strategist, Teresa Kuhn is the president and CEO of...

Key To Success w/Mehdi Khachani

Jan 25, 2022

On this episode of Movers & Shakers, Gino and Josh interview Mehdi Khachani. Mehdi is the member of Jake and Gino community. He is the co-founder of JMK Property Investment and has 20 years of experience in Real Estate which includes construction, acquisition and commercial remodeling.

Key Insights:

Jan 24, 2022

On this episode, Mike Taravella interviews Adrian Fajardo.

Key takeways:
✔ Set up goals for what you hope to get out of while working with the company of your choice
✔ Informing chain of command ahead of time increases your chances of approval
✔ "What you can measure, you can change" -Traction by Gino Wickman

Jan 24, 2022

On this episode, Jake and Gino talk about the investment criteria for a multifamily entrepreneur. Finding out the right deal straightaway is not the way out to get into multifamily business and be successful, you need to get your fundamentals right. Setting up goals, determining right exit strategy, knowing median...

Jan 20, 2022

On this episode, Jake and Gino interview Martha Krejci. Martha Krejci is a high-vibin’ mama, wife, life coach, business-growth strategist and social media marketing powerhouse who has taken the internet by storm. Featured in Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Shape and Huffington Post among other...