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Oct 19, 2021

On this episode, Josh and Gino talk with Michael Orlando. Michael is a Cleveland native and grew up on Cleveland’s east side. He attended Orange High School and then The Ohio State University obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management from The Fisher College of Business.

After graduating, he worked for two startup companies as a Project and Operations Manager. Shortly after, he discovered his passion for multifamily real estate investing and joined the elite investment community, Jake & Gino, acquired his first units and started real estate investing full-time.

Key Insights:

00:10 Introduction

00:25 Multifamily Mastery 4 -

01:45 200 Apartments at 27

04:00 Taking small steps

05:26 Finding good value-add multifamily deals

07:18 Cracking the first deal

08:48 Raising capital

10:18 Setting goals and taking responsibility of your own life

12:24 Analyzing multifamily deals

14:32 Advice for those who want to leave 9-5 and embrace abundance

15:34 Significance of getting real estate education and mentorship

18:48 Education x Action = Results

20:44 Sourcing Capital & Sourcing Deals

21:48 Recommended books: Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki 

22:37 Success habits

24:35 “Many people wish they started sooner. Almost nobody wishes they started later.” - James Clear


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Jake & Gino are multifamily investors, operators, and mentors who have created a vertically integrated real estate company that controls over $100,000,000 in assets under management. They have created the Jake & Gino community to teach others their three-step framework: Buy Right, Finance Right and Manage Right®, and to become multifamily entrepreneurs.

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