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Aug 28, 2023

Join Jake and Gino as they dive deep into the transformative power of habits. From the importance of exercise and nutrition to the therapeutic effects of expressive writing, they share personal anecdotes and insights that highlight the significance of daily routines. Whether you're struggling with chronic pain, seeking motivation, or just looking to optimize your daily life, this episode offers valuable takeaways. Plus, get a sneak peek into Jake's iconic Peacoat and the Little Black Book strategy that has been his success mantra for over two decades. 


Don't miss out on their candid conversation filled with humor, wisdom, and actionable advice!


🔹 Topics Covered:

  • The power of exercise and its impact on energy levels.

  • The benefits of silence, meditation, and grounding.

  • The role of nutrition in combating inflammation.

  • The magic of expressive (or as they humorously call it, "rage") writing.

  • The importance of continuous education and personal growth.

  • Jake's card stock strategy for daily success.


🔹 Quote of the Episode: "If you've got a healthy brain, you've got a healthy body, you can accomplish anything." - Gino


Tune in, get inspired, and start building your success habits today!