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Dec 28, 2017

2017 has been a big year for Jake &Gino!

Their educational platform, Wheelbarrow Profits Academy has grown leaps and bounds and is a multifamily investor mecca for goal setting, productivity and mindset, and to learn to buy right, manage right, finance right. Jake and Gino discuss in depth what investors are able to access on the site, as well as all of the ways their platform differentiates itself from other courses -- including Jake and Gino being personally available to communicate with.

Gino discusses the core values multifamily investors need to focus on for success: Patience, persistence, being willing to walk away and finding deals through broker relationships.

The guys talk through the purchase process of their cash flowing 64 unit deal as well as their recently purchased 110 unit deal, the values plays and their plans for both as we move into 2018 and beyond.

Reflections on the live event in November and looking forward to the next live event in Nashville, October 2018!

A look forward to 2018: Possible deals, business strategies, positive plans for employees and customer service for tenants.

And finally, the POWER of being a disciplined daily, weekly and monthly planner!

2017 has been a big year for Jake & Gino! The guys discuss their ever-growing educational platform catered to multifamily investors - Wheelbarrow Profits Academy. They walk us through their two big closed deals this year, from acquisition to value plays, to their plans to refi and roll! Reflections on the live event in Knoxville in November and a look forward to 2018’s live event, possible deals, and business strategies. Finally, as we head into the new year, the power of disciplined planning!

-Refi and Roll
-Broker Relationships
-Agency Debt
-Live Event
-Coaches Sheet
-And much more!

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