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Nov 28, 2023

Join Julia and Gino Barbaro in an enlightening episode of the Julia and Gino Podcast, featuring a special guest, Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA. Mark shares his inspiring journey from founding a successful advertising agency to leading a national character and leadership development organization for boys.


In this episode:

  • Discover the mission and growth of Trail Life USA, a Christ-centered and boy-focused organization

  • Uncover the story of its founding amidst challenges faced by traditional scouting organizations

  • Hear Mark's personal narrative of starting in ad agencies, running a homeless ministry, and eventually leading Trail Life USA

  • Gain insights into the crucial role of family support in embracing life-changing opportunities

  • Learn about the new book "Too Much Tubular" in partnership with Brave Books, promoting balanced living away from social media addiction

  • Explore how Trail Life USA is making a positive impact on boys and families across the nation

  • Understand the importance of godly men in shaping the next generation

  • Find out about American Heritage Girls, a counterpart organization for girls


This episode is not just a discussion; it's a deep dive into the values and efforts needed to raise courageous, godly young men in today's world. Whether you're a parent, a leader, or anyone interested in youth development, this conversation is a must-listen!


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