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Jun 7, 2018

He's back again!

Mark Kenney, founder of Think Multifamily, is a hustler and seasoned real estate investor in the multifamily
mecca of Dallas, TX and now Atlanta, and owns 2700 units!!


All coming from a blue-collar work ethic and upbringing, the guys talk about specifically seeking and internalizing
advice from people who are successfully doing what you want to do and not just anyone. Asking for private money is
intimidating but with the right mindset you can show the investors the great opportunity you want them to put their money into.


Mark gives us his breakdown of how he structures his syndication deals and details his favorite ways to value-add during
renovations on his multifamily acquisitions.


We are so excited to have Mark Kenney as a live guest at our Multifamily Mastery 2 Live Event October 6th-7thin Nashville, TN!

Top 10
-Quickly growing markets
-First deal at 21
-Taking advice from the wrong people
-Blue-collar work ethic
-How to raise capital
-Pivoting to a new market
-Structuring a syndication deal
-Renovation choices
-And much more!

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