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Aug 31, 2023

Dive into this enlightening conversation with Calvin Corelli as he shares his transformative journey from emotional struggles to entrepreneurial success.

Calvin reveals the power of confronting emotional triggers, the transformative impact of physical fitness, and the clarity that comes from challenging one's mental beliefs. With insights from books like "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie and "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendrix, this discussion is a testament to the importance of personal development in achieving both personal and professional success.


Join us as we explore the intertwined paths of spirituality, entrepreneurship, and the quest for purpose and meaning. Don't miss out on these invaluable lessons on breaking free from limiting beliefs and finding one's true calling.

Chapter Highlights:
00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Gino Sings Opera for "2 seconds"
01:45 - How Calvin Corelli Got Started
03:17 - What Did Calvin Learn From His Parents?
05:12 - What Was Calvin Corelli's First Venture?
07:25 - How Did Calvin Take the Skills He Learned and Use Them To Create His Company?
08:57 - How Did Calvin Overcome the Limiting Beliefs Keeping Him From Progressing?
10:44 - How Did Coaching Help Calvin's Mindset?
15:59 - How Does Body SDS Therapy Translate into Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur
16:55 - Has Looking Back Into Calvin's Past Helped Him Move Forward In Business?
19:52 - Gino Shares a Story From His Past
22:34 - How Did Calvin Come To The Realization He Needed To Love Himslef Before He Could Love Others?
26:06 - Calvin Talks about the Spiritual Workout
30:00 - Steps to Calvin Took To Break his Proverbial Chains
34:55 - What Comes After the Emotional Piece?
38:05 - Emotional, Physical, and next...
40:58 - How Did Working on Emotional, Physical, and Mental Tie In to Business?
44:19 - Calvin Describes What Is
45:37 - Book Reccomendations From Calvin Corelli
46:29 - Gino Wraps It Up.


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