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Jun 22, 2023

Join Jake and Gino in this engaging episode of the Jake and Gino Podcast as they interview entrepreneur and bestselling author, Brian Will. With a journey that took him from high school dropout to successful businessman, Brian shares invaluable insights about overcoming obstacles, the power of sales, and the art of negotiation. Discover the transformative principles behind Brian's books and learn how trust, clear communication, and understanding your customer can revolutionize your sales approach. With topics ranging from entrepreneurship and personal development to sales strategy, this episode is a goldmine for aspiring entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, and those eager to refine their sales tactics.

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Brian WIll's Info:

00:00 - Intro
01:41 - About Brian Will
03:40 - Brian's First A-HA Moment
05:43 - Brian Discusses Difference Between Self Employed and Business Owner
07:09 - Should Business Owners think of the Exit Upon Entry?
09:55 - The 4 Personalities Explained
14:35 - Sales is the Sustinance of the Company
19:27 - Negotiation
22:13 - Lessons In Brian Will's Book "The Dropout"
26:44 - Brian Will's Tips on Scaling
31:17 - Brian Will's Best Habit for Success
32:31 - Book's Brian Reccomends
33:34 - Brian Talks about his New Book
34:34 - Brian Talks about His New Book "the DropOut"
37:08 - Where To Buy the Book?
37:26 - Gino Wraps it Up


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