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Nov 20, 2023

In this insightful how-to video, Gino Barbero, co-founder of Jake and Gino, delves into the crucial world of multifamily real estate investing. 

He offers invaluable guidance on how to build effective relationships with multifamily brokers to enhance your deal flow.

Key Points Covered:

  • Understanding the Role of Multifamily Brokers: Learn about the crucial function of brokers in the multifamily market and why they are considered gatekeepers of deal flow.
  • Initiating Relationships with Brokers: Discover effective strategies to get on a broker's list and start receiving potential deals.
  • Identifying the Right Brokers: Utilize the 80-20 rule to focus your efforts on the most productive brokers in your market.
  • Conducting Property Tours: Understand the importance of property tours for building rapport with brokers and uncovering potential off-market deals.
  • Professionalism and Responsiveness: Tips on how to communicate effectively with brokers to establish trust and reliability.
  • Defining Your Buy Right Criteria: Learn how to convey your investment criteria clearly to brokers for more tailored deal flow.
  • Maintaining Consistent Communication: Discover the importance of regular contact and how it can strengthen your relationship with brokers.

Gino shares real-life examples, insights, and actionable steps to help you understand the multifamily market's dynamics. He emphasizes professionalism, responsiveness, and the importance of having clear investment criteria.

Whether you're new to multifamily investing or looking to sharpen your approach, this video is packed with practical tips and strategies to help you navigate the market successfully. Join us to enhance your financial intelligence and make impactful investments in the multifamily sector.

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