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Jul 19, 2018


Building a Real Estate Business with Brie Schmidt



Brie started in corporate sales in 2005, she acquired her first investment property in 2011. She left the steady paycheck world in 2014. In this podcast, Gino and Josh ask Brie about that transition, how she built her investment portfolio, her business and her plans for the future.


Brie is the Co-Founder at The Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, a non-profit educational summit for real estate investors. She is also the President at TurnKey Reviews, a one-stop shop for passive investing in real estate across the United States. She shares her thoughts on education with us as well as her habits for success.


Second City Real Estate:





Top 10:

Finding opportunities

Multifaceted approach

Deciding moments


Bigger pockets

Next Steps

Hiring quality

Self awareness

Hire slow

Fire fast

And much more!


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