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Feb 22, 2018

Dean Graziosi, author of Millionaire Success Habits, was an entrepreneur as early as his high school years, employing half the football team to help him chop wood which he sold for a profit! Now he is an extremely successful real estate investor.

This episode of Wheelbarrow Profits heats up right off the bat as Dean starts dishing out the keys to motivation and how that looks different for everyone (and sometimes may not be so pretty)! He encourages going to the next level by using the “immigrant mentality” to take big risks.

Dean talks through the concepts in his New York Times best-selling book “Millionaire Success Habits.” What are the characteristics and habits that successful people practice that set them apart from everyone else? What should you be adding to your “Not To Do” list?? What are thing things that you do that take you away from becoming your most successful self?

This was an incredibly energetic and immeasurably valuable show that will help you take massive action to take control of your life!


  • top 10
  • -Starting out with humble beginnings
  • -Moving away from pain
  • -Legacy wealth
  • -Moving toward pleasure
  • -Limiting beliefs
  • -Rugged individualists
  • -House hacking
  • -Jumping in while being naive
  • -Success mindset
  • -And much more!

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