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May 4, 2017

In this episode we interview the leading landlord...Al Williamson! This is a great show that will teach you many different ways on how to maximize your rental properties. Al is a super creative guy who looks very closely at the NOI of his investments to find ways to maximize each one. He's not concerned with owning 1,000 units. His goal is to make a handful of units super profitable so he doesn't have to deal with employees.  This allows him to keep a simple life. This is a different strategy from ours but theres some golden nuggets in there about maximizing your profits!

In this episode you will discover:

-How Al started out
-Air BNB
-The power of a Starbucks gift card
-Cell towers
-Paid parking
-Wifi subscriptions
-Corporate housing
-Finding that one street
-And much more!