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Aug 22, 2023

Welcome back to the Movers and Shakers Podcast with your host, Gino Barbaro. In this enlightening episode, we have a deep dive with one of our exceptional coaches, Joe Sullivan. From beginning his real estate journey investing in duplexes in Kansas City in 2018, to scaling his portfolio to an impressive 1,400+ multifamily units, Joe's story is nothing short of inspiring.
Highlights from the episode:

Joe’s initiation into the Jake & Gino community and how it changed his investing game.

- Personal growth, introspection, and fun adventures in Ireland.
- From W-2 jobs to a successful full-time multifamily investing career.
- Tackling the challenges of capital and scaling in real estate.
- The current state of the multifamily market, interest rates, and potential opportunities.
- Why Joe decided to become a coach and the joy of giving back to the community.
- Key advice for newcomers: Balancing education with taking actionable steps.
- Reaching out to Joe for insights and partnership opportunities.

Joe embodies the essence of the Jake and Gino community - focusing not just on investing, but integrating the family aspect into the business. This episode is packed with golden nuggets, offering both new and experienced investors invaluable insights.

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Contact Joe:

00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Joe and Gino talk about Time Spent in Ireland with Phillip McKerney
02:42 - Gino and Joe talk about the Irish Jig
03:25 - Gino Talks about Some Realizations and Emotions
06:23 - Joe Sullivan Talks about His Takeaways from the Experience
09:08 - Joe Sullivan Talks about His Background
11:09 - How To Move Forward and Become a Better Entrepreneur
12:47 - Joe's First Real Estate Goal
13:37 - Excuses, Limiting Beliefs, Moving Forward and Experience
17:50 - What are Some Takeaways Joe Sullivan Got From Jake and Gino's Network?
18:08 - What is Joe Sullivan Looking For in a Property?
19:04 - Why Do You Need to Get Into Multifamily NOW?!
20:30 - Commenting on the State of the Current Market and Problems with Bridge Debt
21:57 - Why Did Joe Become a Jake and Gino Coach?
23:12 - Learn Do And Teach - Live by that Motto
26:11 - First Steps to Getting Into Multifamily (It Will Change Your Life)
27:43 - Education x Action = Results
28:55 - Gino's Parting Story
30:06 - Where Can Listeners Get Ahold of Joe Sullivan?
30:20 - Wrap up

Thank you for tuning in, and as always, make it happen!

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