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Mar 7, 2019

For the past 25 years, 13 best-selling books, and 2,500 corporate events, Jeffrey has helped shape the concept, the voice, and the implementation of the new sale.


From Fortune 500 companies, to companies trying to earn a fortune, he’s traveled the globe helping sales teams get better at discovering buying motives. Why customers buy is one billion times more powerful than how to sell.


The King of Sales is back ! This time he speaks with us about writing, electric cars and speaking to people.


The Rundown


Martin Luther King Jr
I Have A Dream
Public Speaking
Tape Yourself
Pay the Dues
The Little Red Book of Selling
Napoleon Hill - Truthful Living
Kids Need Attention
Attract What You Are
Go Fly A Kite
Morning Routines
Atlas Shrugged
Learning Lessons
Saying Hello
Side Hustles
Uber Drivers
Electric Cars
The Gitomer Scale
Steve Jobs
Sales Manifesto
Gitomer Learning Academy
Action Steps
Eat Dessert First


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