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Feb 19, 2024

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Jake and Gino Podcast! Your hosts, Jake and Gino, dive deep into the world of real estate investing with a very special guest, Buddy Rushing, a decorated combat veteran who's on a mission beyond the military.

Meet Buddy Rushing: Once committed to serving his country, Buddy is now empowering military and veteran families to achieve financial freedom and live the American dream they fought to protect. Starting from helping marine friends invest in rental properties, Buddy founded the company White Feather, a testament to his dedication and service.

From Combat to Cashflow: Listen as Buddy shares his inspiring journey from reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" during a patrol in Afghanistan to building a real estate empire. Despite facing challenges, including a disastrous first property investment, Buddy's story is one of persistence, resilience, and success.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of education and mindset in real estate investing.
  • Overcoming the fear of investing and the value of persistence.
  • Leveraging military discipline and leadership skills in building a real estate portfolio.
  • Innovative strategies for investing in a high-interest rate environment.


00:00 - Intro
01:36 - How Did Buddy Start In Business?
02:35 - Jake and Buddy Talk About Adversity as a Right of Passage
08:18 - What Made Buddy Pick Up the Book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
11:59 - What Golden Nuggets Did Buddy Take Away from Rich Dad, Poor Dad
14:05 - After the Military, What Steps Did Buddy Take To Get Into Real Estate
17:42 - What Are The Challenges for People in the Military
21:20 - Gino Talks about Buy Right, Manage Right, Finance Right as a Muscle Memory
23:59 - Of All Skills Inherent in Veterans - Leadership is Key
28:59 - Real Estate Resources - Veteran Edition
33:47 - Have Investors that Worked With Buddy Gone On To Start Their Own Real Estate Business?
35:08 - Successful White Feather Community Members and Scaling
36:17 - Deals, Syndications, Points of Failure and Trust.
40:27 - What Projects is Buddy Excited about Right Now?44:54 - Gino Wraps It Up

What's in Store:

  • Buddy's unique approach to helping veterans achieve financial freedom.
  • Jake and Gino's insightful analysis and advice for both new and seasoned investors.
  • A deep dive into the challenges and opportunities in today's real estate market.

Don't Miss This! If you're in the military, a veteran, or anyone interested in real estate investing, this episode is packed with golden nuggets, strategies, and inspiring stories to help you on your journey to financial independence.

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