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Sep 8, 2016

For more than a decade, Chris has worked with Dave Ramsey, spreading a message of hope and financial peace to audiences across the country. Chris helps people plan for their future and reach their retirement goals through his Retire Inspired live events. His book, Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age. It’s a Financial Number, released in January 2016 is a number one national best-seller. The word is out there and people are getting wise to the fact that social security is not the answer. Its time to take control of your destiny and even Warren Buffett is spreading the message. Are you ready to step up? More and more people are realizing that it's up to them and nobody else is going to take care of the. Chris explains that its a two sided equation. Its not just saving a few bucks at Starbucks but finding something that motivates you to do great work. Chris explores the intersection between finance and a fulfilling career and how its about having and being a positive coach. At the end of the day – if you have any interest in retiring with financial stability and enjoying your work everyday this show is for you. In this episode you will discover: • Why not to act like a sheep • How to focus on the dream • Why you can't count on social security • Both sides of the equation • Income up • Expenses down • The impact of a great leader • How Chris builds his teams • Motivation • Money farming from Kentucky and much more…. A popular and dynamic speaker on the topics of financial education and leadership, Chris Hogan works with businesses and high-profile clients across the country, helping them develop strategies that increase their revenues, protect their wealth, and secure their financial futures. He is the host of the Retire Inspired Podcast and the author of Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age; It’s a Financial Number, a #1 national best seller. For more than a decade, Chris has served at Ramsey Solutions as a trusted financial coach and Ramsey Personality. You can follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram at @ChrisHogan360 and online at or