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Dec 20, 2018

Tim Bratz, began his career in real estate investing much like most investors: wholesaling rehabs, rentals, and turnkey properties. It was fast money - but he quickly learned that wasn’t the way to creating wealth - and there was a better way.

Once he made the move to multi-family investing, he found it an easier, safer, and way more profitable investing vehicle than flipping or holding single family houses. It gave him upfront tax-free cash, monthly residual cash flow, built in equity, and long term appreciation.

In the last 3 years he’s gone from 8 units to over 1,400 and plans to double his portfolio this coming year.

He talks with us about how he got started, his many business relationships and how he continues to grow his portfolio.

Tim’s Site:

The Rundown

Getting Started
Commercial Retail
Single to Multifamily
The First Deal
Buying Wholesale
Finding Deals
Pocket Listings
Eviction Court
Making Connections
Scaling Up
Broker Relationships
Direct Mail
Gift Baskets
Driving for Dollars
Buyers are Sellers are Lenders
Vacation Rentals
Value Adds
Mom & Pops
Forced Appreciation
Transactions vs Equity
Financing Deals
Granite Countertops
Minimizing Turnover
Raising Capital
Hunting vs Fishing
Investor Relations
Educating Investors
The Velocity of Money
Kinesthetic Learning

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