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Feb 8, 2018



Matt Faircloth​ is the ​founder of The DeRosa Group, ​serving both investors and tenants. ​He is an advocate of ​the beginner investor strategy of ​living below your means and using the extra disposable income to snowball into your first real estate investments. Matt ​similarly begin investing ​by getting​ his start in house hacking and us​ing​ out-of-the-box tactics to find his deals.


​On this episode, ​the guys talk about everything from navigating and using 1031 exchanges and the nuances of financing and mortgages to structuring a syndication deal. A lot of great advice on getting the deal and big picture discussions of how and where the majority of people today are investing their money. The discussion even turns to partnerships (both business and personal) and how to structure them and what is required to make them work.

This show covers a little bit of everything, everyone will be able to find something useful in this show, and we recommend it to all of our listeners (and beyond)! ​


​T​op 10
1. House hacking in your 20's
2. Fix n' flips
3. Longview
4. Buying from mom and pops
5. Time value
6. 1031 Exchange
7. Syndicaitons
8. Blue collar/retail tenants
9. Broker relationships
10. And much more!

The Derosa Group: Investment Strategies and Investing in Real Estate  

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