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Apr 10, 2024

Bernard Pearson, a multifamily real estate investor, shares his journey and insights into raising capital from Latin American investors. He discusses the importance of networking, building relationships, and understanding the pain points of potential investors. Bernard emphasizes the need to define investing criteria, select the right market, and focus on underwriting deals. He also encourages investors to overcome their fears and make offers, even if they may seem lower than the asking price. Bernard's goal is to continue raising funds and helping high net worth individuals from Latin America invest in the US multifamily market.



  • Networking and building relationships are crucial for raising capital from Latin American investors.
  • Defining investing criteria and selecting the right market are important steps in the multifamily investing journey.
  • Underwriting deals and understanding the market help investors gain knowledge and build credibility.
  • Overcoming fears and making offers, even if they may seem lower than the asking price, can lead to opportunities.
  • Providing value to investors by offering stable investments in the US multifamily market is a powerful proposition.


Sound Bites

  • "Define your criteria and don't be scared of it."
  • "What are you doing to find deals? Are you actually doing something to find deals?"
  • "Start learning the business, start networking, start holding yourself accountable."



00:00 Introduction and Background

08:41 Focusing on Capital Raising and Branding

12:50 Addressing Investor Fears and Concerns

21:15 Tips for Getting into Multifamily

25:48 Future Goals and Outlook



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