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Jan 28, 2016

Most people say that competition is a good thing. Do you want to compete…maybe? What if you could find deals that nobody else was looking for? Do you think that you would be able to buy these deals at a material discount? Sound too good to be true? There is a place where this scenario exists but its not in multifamily apartments. It’s in land deals and Seth Williams, Founder of, has opened our eyes to an area of investing that we had no idea about. The great thing about Seth’s strategy is that he got started investing with very little money. In this weeks podcast Seth shares how he achieved freedom from his banking career. He also shares how hard it was to get started. The key here is that Seth didn’t quit. He hit the wall of rejection and then created a new path for himself. Land investing may not be what you expect. Seth’s story is similar to many real estate investors. He began educating himself and then he took action. The problem was that he couldn’t find any deals that worked. He was experiencing what we like to call the “pie in the sky” phenomenon. This is when people want to get started in real estate but it just seems like an imaginary place that is not attainable for them. Seth’s investment strategy is simple but not easy. His strategy takes work but you will learn how lucrative the payoff was for his persistence. In this episode you will discover: • A relatively unknown investing technique • Exactly how Seth achieved financial freedom. • How to find areas where competition doesn’t exist. • How to expand beyond your backyard. • The value for value proposition. • How to jump in when everyone else is afraid. • Seth’s strategy. • How to Seth started small. • The power of persistence. • How to utilize social media for land deals. • How to stay grounded when success finally shows up. • Time leverage. • Life after financial freedom and much more!