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Jan 14, 2016

So you want to buy apartments but you are struggling to find the money. In this episode, apartment syndicator Joe Fairless shares his strategy on how to raise money and create partnerships. We think you will enjoy his perspective on complementary skill sets. Joe’s Story is very cool since he didn’t start with a bag full of cash. Joe was an advertising exec grinding 80 hours a week for a paycheck like many of us have done in the past. He also shares what his life was like before and after getting into apartment investing and his departure from corporate America. In this episode you will discover: • How to find partners with different skill sets. • Exactly how Joe achieved financial freedom. • How sometimes you need to simply take the plunge. • How to be resourceful. • The value of a great team. • How the money will come if you find a great deal. • The power of positive attitude. • How Joe changed his mindset to think like a billionaire. • OPM. • Continuous education on the go. • How to stay grounded when success finally shows up. • Time leverage. • Life after financial freedom and much more!