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Nov 29, 2018

Born and raised in North Jersey, Jim is the author of The Family Board Meeting which presents a simple strategy, busy entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals have used to balance their professional and home life. He is also co-founder of Board Meeting International a company that specializes in parent/child retreats for entrepreneurs using experiential education to teach vital life lessons not found in the classroom.

He goes in depth with us about his book, his first deal, personal philosophy and professional growth.


The Rundown

Why Real Estate?


The best real estate course? The first deal.


Expectation lists


The Family Board Meeting

The importance of family

Raising kids

1 on 1 time

Building a relationship with your family

The Secret Sauce

Separate the parts to strengthen the whole

Disconnect to Reconnect

Financial intelligence

Trading ranges

Experiential Education

Pros and Pitfalls of Delegation

Cadence of Accountability

What to Read

And much more!

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