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Jan 26, 2022

On this episode, Gino interviews Teresa Kuhn. Teresa is financial life designer and educator. She has a passion for formulating innovative blueprints that help her clients grow and preserve their wealth. A respected financial educator, best-selling author, and strategist, Teresa Kuhn is the president and CEO of Austin, Texas-based Living Wealthy Financial Group. Through her radio show, Living Wealthy Radio, she is able to share her passion for learning the real truth about how money works with others. She has counseled thousands of ordinary Americans across the nation, helping them avoid exposing their wealth to eroding factors, Using the unique cornerstone of Bank On Yourself, Teresa enables clients to take charge of their own money. Through proven and time-tested safe money strategies, Teresa and her team provide creative solutions that enable clients to remain financially sound through every life event.

Key Insights 
00:00 Introduction
02:00 How to tap into long-term mindset
04:30 Celebrate your wins
06:30 Cathedral thinking
09:30 How to fix shorterism
13:00 Short-term approach will not let you master anything
17:27 Proximity is the strategy
19:00 Have people around you to keep you accountable
22:00 Think in terms of 10 years
22:50 Wrap-up

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