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Mar 21, 2023

In this video, we are joined by speaker, pastor, counselor, and best-selling author of The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman, as he shares insights from his latest book, "Love is a Choice." Dr. Chapman's book contains case studies of love, where people share their own stories of loving in difficult situations and demonstrating the power of love. He believes that if more people love, we can change the culture.

Dr. Chapman emphasizes the need to feel love from significant people in our lives, which is incredibly meaningful. Love stimulates love, and the biblical concept of love is not just an emotion, but an attitude and an action. Being in a relationship to enrich the other person's life is what love is all about.

Dr. Chapman also talks about how many people in American culture nowadays leave a marriage because they are thinking in the short-term, equating love to an emotion. Instead, he encourages people to learn to love using attitude and action. Gino, a businessperson, draws a comparison between this short-term mindset and the long-term mindset in investing principles.

Dr. Chapman also shares his personal experience with the initial trouble in his marriage and what he did to change it. He encourages everyone to ask their significant others what they can do to help and be a better partner.

To learn more, get a copy of Dr. Chapman's book, "Love is a Choice," available on or at Join us in spreading love and changing the culture!

02:00 - Why Did you write the book
07:00 - Love is an Action Word
11:00 - Did Dr. Chapman Struggle in His Marriage?
17:28 - Will Your Spouse Reciprocate
21:09 - Let Someone Love You
29:45 - Forgiveness Issues
32:20 - Where Can People Get: Love is a Choice
33:00 - Wrap Up

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