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Jul 21, 2022

On this episode, Jake and Gino talk with Sean Magennis, the CEO of Capital 54, a Family Office dedicated to the Professional Services sector. He also Chairs two portfolio companies: Lumini Network and Collective 54. Sean contributes over 30 years of experience to business leaders in growing professional services business both domestically and globally, through growth strategies, turnarounds, acquisitions and financings. Prior to Capital 54, Magennis was the Global President and COO of YPO.

Key Insights:
00:00 Introduction
00:44 Entrepreneurial pursuits and setting goals
03:33 The transition from entrepreneurship to corporate management
08:25 Ensuring accountability
11:18 Why it is important to articulate your goals
14:30 Are you working on both yourself and on your business?
18:06 You need to have a Growth Mindset from day one
22:44 Making the shift from a short-term mindset to long-term mindset
26:33 The shiny object syndrome and how to avoid it
31:00 How long-term planning can impact your business today
34:24 What do the world’s most successful CEOs all have in common?

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