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Jul 23, 2019

Braden Gasper just completed his first year of business in the real estate world. Last March he transitioned from high school basketball coach to real estate entrepreneur when he started his multifamily business, Heartland Real Estate, LLC. A few months later he partnered with his mother, Renee, to start a fix and flip business, Pristine Homes, LLC. Since last March, Braden has been involved in over $2 million in real estate transactions and has learned many valuable lessons from both successes and mistakes. Heartland Real Estate, LLC currently owns and is repositioning a twelve unit apartment complex and a four plex while Pristine Homes, LLC is actively flipping two homes. He currently resides in North Vernon, IN with his wife Leah and their three month old baby girl, Blakely. Braden is continually learning and just joined the Jake and Gino community in an effort to surround himself with like minded multifamily investors, learn how to scale his business, and ultimately to spend more valuable time with his young family and to serve others.