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Jul 28, 2020

On this episode of MNS Josh and Gino discuss: 

  • How Vince was able to negotiate a discount on a deal to have it still make sense throughout Covid!
  • The importance of having a sounding board of mentors.
  • How staying open minded and well networked can expand your business
  • How Vince is able to invest in the Mainland from Hawaii
  • Why it is important to have relationships with multiple banks
  • The importance of knowing your numbers well and having conservative underwritting

Vince Gethings is the owner of Michigan based Villanautics, LLC and co-owner of Tri-City Equity Group, LLC. His teams specialize in acquiring under-performing multifamily properties that can be repositioned to increase the NOI. Vince uses his 14 years of Active Duty Air Force experience to build performing teams and efficient systems that are designed to be managed in out-of-state markets. Currently, he has $6,000,000 in assets under management. Furthermore, Vince has a passion for personal development and financial education, where he contributes on several different platforms.