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Jul 2, 2019

In this Episode of Movers & Shakers Gino & Josh interview Collin Schwartz & Chris Pomerleau.


Collin is a 34 year old investor who lives in Omaha Nebraska with his wife, one year old daughter and 3 year old son. He enjoys spending time with family, CrossFit, traveling, and real estate. Collin has 211 units has done over 30 deals and is involved property management. 

Chris is also a father and husband. His analytical mindset has driven him to go above and beyond in his career. He is an attorney with a Master's Degree in Negotiation. He has been able to utilize his legal background and training in negotiation to benefit his work of becoming a polished investor. Chris begin his real estate business in August of 2017. After obtaining 278 units, Chris says what helped him the most in his journey was figuring out a process that worked, and sticking to it.

Together they have teamed up to Make It Happen!