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Mar 9, 2021

Topics Covered Include:

  • Learn how Jesse was able to hone in to Multifamily to start making progress
  • Why having the right network can help guide you to success
  • How Jesse was able to overcome his limiting beliefs


Jesse’s Bio:


Jesse is the Director of Operations at a cardiovascular imaging center in Denver, Colorado, providing medical care for rural communities who would otherwise be hard pressed to access the healthcare they need. In 2018, he got involved in passive fix and flip investing, getting his feet wet in transactional real estate.


In December of 2019, he joined Jake and Gino and made the leap into multifamily. Working in Colorado Springs and Tucson, Arizona primarily, he has placed his efforts on building up networks and making offers on deals in those markets. In December of 2020, he closed on his first multifamily deal, a 24 unit in Tucson. After a few months of repositioning and getting a taste of what asset management is like, he and his teams are about to get back into acquisition mode and begin to scale up.