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Jul 31, 2019

Geoff Stuhr is a Wisconsin-based real estate investor. 5 years ago, he began his investing career starting with duplexes and initially had a goal of buying 1 property per year, and for the first 3 years this is exactly what he did. Since then he has discovered the power of partnering and force multipliers in real estate. In 2019 alone he has completed a JV on a 34 unit apartment building, as well as a syndication for an 89 unit apartment complex.

Geoff’s company, Smart Asset Capital, is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm based in Southeastern Wisconsin, with a specialization in identifying emerging areas, and then raising private capital to buy B & C class workforce housing with solid cash-flow in those "paths of progress", and then implementing new systems and processes to improve the NOI of those assets. 

As of June 2019, Geoff currently owns 3 duplexes, 2 condos, a 34 unit apartment building, and is one of the Key Partners of an 89 unit apartment complex syndication.