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Aug 11, 2020

Topics Covered Include:

  • How Jason was able to invest outside of his backyard without having all the capital and a demanding career.
  • How a tragic passing of a family member changed his mindset and made him prioritize his goal.
  • A clear breakdown of how Jason got started and closed on two 16 unit deals!


Jason’s Bio:


Jason currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and daughter (2nd daughter due in october). He has been employed in the power industry for the last 12 years.  He is currently working as the Operations & Maintenance manager at a power plant outside of NYC.  Jason joined the Jake and Gino community after the passing of a family member changed his outlook on finances and life.  Jason became a member of the community in april of 2019 and has since closed on two deals totalling 32 units with his partner in the last 11 months.