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Jul 4, 2018

Today’s episode is dedicated to a big theme for Jake & Gino this year: Multi-Faceted Multifamily – building a multifamily business with multiple streams of income. Starting as just an investing business, Jake & Gino went on to build out their own in-house property management, design an education platform, and now they are adding another facet to their business allowing YOU to invest alongside Jake & Gino as an equity partner!


The guys tell the fascinating play-by-play story of the last 5 years and how far they’ve come, and hit hard on having the drive, persistence, and out of the box mindset that is vital for multi-faceted success! They even detail how multiple streams of income can be created in other businesses​, for example: Gino's family restaurant in New York.​

What are some ways YOU can build out MSI’s (multiple streams of income) in your business?

​T​op 10
-Holding companies
-Property management
-Trash valet
-Product Sourcing
-And much more!

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