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Mar 29, 2018

Kim Lisa Taylor (a nationally recognized expert in the securities industry) is the founder of Syndication Attorneys PLLC, where she and the other members of the Syndication Attorneys team focus on helping small business owners/developers structure and convey their investment opportunities in a way that will attract private investors, both domestic and foreign. They teach their clients how to use securities laws effectively!


This episode is all about navigating the waters of syndication law! Just some of the​ topics addressed include:


What are the two types of securities that affect the real estate industry most?

When does a investment deal become a security?

What rules are required to be followed to sell a security?

When is the time to hire a securities attorney?

What determines if an investor is “accredited?”

What determines if an investor is “sophisticated?”

What is the difference between 506B and 506C offerings and how do they individually work?


This show is a great listen for any investor but may be especially useful to those branching out into syndication like Jake & Gino!

​Top 10
-Real Estate Syndication
-Securities Law
-Passive Investors
-Offering Documents
-The Raise
-Active Investors
-Accredited Investors
-Sophisticated Investors
-506b​​ offerings
-And much more


Book Recommendations:

Miracle Morning by Cameron Herold

Slicing Pie by Mike Moyer

Syndication Attorneys | Kim Lisa Taylor

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