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Feb 21, 2024

Join us on the Julia and Gino Podcast as we dive into the remarkable story of American Heritage Girls (AHG) with founder Patty Garibay. Discover how AHG, a premier leadership and character development program, has guided over 52,000 members in 50 states and 15 countries towards a life of integrity through faith, service, and fun.

In this episode, Patty shares the challenges and triumphs of starting AHG, the program's core values, and its profound impact on young women's lives. Learn about the resources AHG offers for families and hear heartwarming success stories that underscore the lasting influence of this faith-based community.

Whether you're a parent seeking to empower your daughter or someone passionate about youth development, this conversation is a testament to the power of vision, perseverance, and community in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Chapter Title:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:55 - How Patti Got Started - The History of American Heritage Girls
  • 03:37 - The First Class - the "Beta Test"
  • 06:23 - The Role Patti's Husband Played
  • 08:09 - How Patti's Relationship with Her Husband Grow and Change
  • 10:12 - Gino Relates Patti's Core Values to His Business' Core Values
  • 10:53 - Patti Explains the Groups Core Values
  • 13:32 - When Did the Patti's Vision Turn Into A Business?
  • 16:20 - How Has American Heritage Effected / Changed Girls Future Lives
  • 19:20 - A.G.H - Resources
  • 19:26 - Card -
  • 19:54 - card - link to books on
  • 20:58 - Info on A.H.G's New Podcast - out soon
  • 23:11 - The Fear of Starting Something New and Overcoming That Fear
  • 25:14 - Finding a Troop or Starting One In Your Area
  • 26:33 - The Next 5 Years Goal
  • 27:49 - Where Can We Get More Info On A.H.G.
  • 28:47 - Patti's Words to the Listeners
  • 29:39 - Gino Wraps It Up

Resources & Highlights:

  • American Heritage Girls Website: Visit Now
  • Free eBooks on Raising Godly Girls: Download Here
  • Raising Godly Girls Podcast: Coming Soon
  • AHG's Mission & Vision: Leadership through faith and fun.
  • Free Parenting Resources: Ebooks and the upcoming Raising Godly Girls podcast.
  • Success Stories: Real-world impacts of AHG on its members.


Visit: American Heritage Girls Website for more information and resources.

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