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Jan 11, 2018

On this episode of Wheelbarrow Profits: 



Gino gives us his 2017 lookback and gathers eleven awesome, not-to-be-missed action items to take with us into our business and personal lives in 2018!


 Jake and Gino take us through:


What defines a Mom and Pop?

What are the different forms of motivation?

How to identify and solve the sellers problem?

Why is the relationship with the broker vital?

What should your financial parameters look like?

What to look for when you’re Buying Right!

Why we Refi and Roll!

…. And a quick touch on how to Manage and Finance Right!



op 10
1. Buy Right
2. Manage Right
3. Finance Right
4. 2017 Cap Rates
5. Mom and Pop Sellers
6. Under Performing Apartments
7. Whats the upside?
8. Unemployment Rates
9. Occupancy Rates
10. And much more!

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Ryan R.
over six years ago

Amazing episode with a lot of great information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Brian Jones
over six years ago

Great episode and great show! Fantastic resource. Thanks guys!