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Dec 8, 2016

In this episode Dr. Buck Joffrey shares how his failures became his biggest asset. Buck takes a deep dive into why good grades don't equal good pay. This is relevant to so many of us who have been pushed into getting more degrees and taking on more student loan debt with little economic results to show for our efforts. One of the best take aways from this podcast is Bucks triumph from getting fired from his job and then turning this failure into massive success! In this episode you will discover- -How Buck learned 10 times more from his failures than his constant victories -Multifamily syndication -War zones -Franchise model -A touch of plastic surgery -The results of overcoming fear -Planning and organization -Why multifamily investing isn't brain surgery -Financial IQ -What the A students need to learn from the C students -And way more awesome content! Wheelbarrow Profits Book -