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Mar 10, 2016

Are you looking for that competitive edge to get started investing in apartments? This podcast covers how to create an effective business plan for your real estate business. We call it our Credibility Book, a business plan that details an investor’s strategy, any current holdings, a plan to purchase undervalued assets, case studies and their personal plan on how to purchase future properties and the strategy they utilize to create value for themselves and their investors. This podcast is for any investor who wants to, Crystallize their business plan Focus on a specific niche Be able to communicate their plan clearly to potential investors and bankers Be prepared for their next deal We discuss how a banker was impressed by our credibility book and the attention to detail and professionalism we exhibited, (the exact model we will be teaching you). It was all there structured for him and easy to consume and understand. This book separated us from the novice beginner and helped us to establish those crucial relationships in real estate with our bankers and investors. This podcast is not only for investors, but can also be employed by Other real estate professionals who want to convey their message to their clients. Real estate brokers who wants to highlight out their strategy to sell homes. Fix and flippers who wants to raise private money Each will all find our credibility book indispensable to delivering the message.