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Jul 13, 2016

Grant Cardone is rated one of the top most influential 10 CEOs in the world, author of 5 business books, international keynote speaker, multifamily real estate investor,and an active CEO of five privately held companies that do 100m in sales. In This Episode You Will Learn: ○ How Grant started investing in single family ○ How he quickly abandoned singe family investing for multifamily ○ Why he chose multifamily ○ How he grew his business ○ The importance looking at the worse case scenario ○ The story behind his very first deal ○ Thoughts on networking with brokers ○ Why you should learn your market ○ The importance of knowing what you are good at ○ How to speak to a broker ○ A discussion on tertiary markets ○ The subjective gut test ○ Why he likes Fannie Mae ○ What you should know about cost segregation ○ How he finances his deals ○ What’s next for Grant ○ And SO much more!