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Oct 23, 2023

How to Evaluate Sponsors in Multifamily Syndication with Gino Barbaro

In this episode, Gino Barbaro, co-founder of Jake and Gino, delves deep into the critical topic of evaluating sponsors in multifamily syndication. With the recent challenges faced by syndicators, it's become increasingly vital to ensure you're investing with the right sponsor.

🔍 Key Highlights:

  • The importance of vetting sponsors just as you would a doctor or mechanic.
  • Understanding the sponsor's track record and experience in the field.
  • The various fees involved in syndication and what they mean for you as an investor.
  • The significance of case studies and the sponsor's team.
  • Ensuring the sponsor's investing strategy aligns with your personal goals.
  • The pitfalls of over-raising capital and how to navigate them.

Gino emphasizes that the success of your investment largely hinges on the credibility and strategy of the sponsor you choose. Tune in to gain insights and equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions in the multifamily syndication space.

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