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Feb 20, 2024

Welcome to our latest how-to video featuring Gino Barbaro, co-founder of Jake and Gino. In this insightful session, Gino dives deep into the world of multifamily investing, specifically focusing on the journey from being a limited partner (LP) to stepping up as a general partner (GP). This video is perfect for both newcomers and seasoned investors looking to expand their paths in real estate.

Gino shares his personal experiences and the lessons learned along the way, emphasizing the importance of education, due diligence, and aligning with the right syndicator or operator. He outlines the pivotal steps to becoming a successful GP, including starting as an LP to gain credibility and understand the business, transitioning to a co-GP role by leveraging your unique skills, and eventually leading your own deals as a GP.

Key Highlights:

  • The benefits of starting as an LP to "test the waters" of real estate investing.
  • Essential tips on learning the business through resources like the free PDF copy of "Wheelbarrow Profits."
  • Insights into the roles and responsibilities of LPs and GPs, including underwriting deals, managing properties, and communicating transparently with investors.
  • Strategies for adding value as a co-GP, including sweat equity, capital raising, and investor relations.
  • Gino's personal journey from owning small properties to successful syndications after gaining experience and credibility.

Gino's story is a testament to the power of partnership, education, and strategic growth in real estate investing. Whether you're aspiring to become more actively involved in real estate or looking to scale your current investments, this video provides valuable guidance and inspiration.

For more insights and resources on multifamily investing, email Gino at for a free copy of "Wheelbarrow Profits" and visit our website for additional educational content.

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