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Dec 31, 2020

Will Coleman, began his real estate career in 2016 by investing in and self-managing single family properties in the DFW market while working in property management for Greystar Real Estate Partners. In 2018 Will began working in commercial lending at City Bank as a Credit Analyst. Will now works as the Director of Rand Capital, a mortgage brokerage which focuses on finding the ideal financing on apartments and mobile home parks. 

Will Coleman, Director of Rand Capital started his career by being the analyst behind the debt at a bank and seeing how decisions are made. Will used this experience when investing in his own properties, to see what the lender sees and what the investor sees and incorporating it.

He shares his views on single family in comparison to multifamily and how starting out as a single family unit owner has shaped his view on multifamily. Will shares his view on how he stepped into larger multifamily units from the single family space and how education must play a huge role in it.

Both Gino and Will share their behind the scenes knowledge of lending, what banks and brokers look for, and some intimate knowledge of how lenders operate in regard to newer investors.

Will also shares his first hand experience of the up-sides investors get in relationships with community banks in the real estate space, the assistance that they may be willing to provide and the risks they take on newer investors.


“Are you working hard for your money or is your money working hard for you”


If you’re looking to finance a deal, email will and he’ll walk you through the process.



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