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Dec 25, 2019

Dylan interviews Rand Capital’s newest team member Mitchell Stogner to discuss the 2019 Financing Year-End Review. 

Mitchell has worked with a diverse group of real estate investors and developers during his previous role as a commercial loan officer throughout the SouthEast. Whether it be new construction, renovation, acquisition or refinance, he ensures debt be structured and tailored to meet a client’s specific needs, financing over $250M in deals. Mitchell is focused on the relationship and believes it outweighs a simple transaction. 

2019 Year-End Review

  • Q1 2019 had a lot of deals come from 2018 due to agency running out of funds
  • Summer 2019 rates got cut and investors take advantage of the favorable rates
    • Always make sure you have a backup plan that aligns with your business plan
  • Private label products emerged in June-August due to Fannie and Freddie reaching their lending limits again
  • Bridge Lending has also emerged starting Q3
    • It is vital to make sure you know your exit out of the bridge loans

Expert Pro Tip: Have your financing team in place for 2020


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