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Mar 18, 2020

Mike Taravella interviews Luke Leins from InvestRes to discuss property management, underwriting, and developing culture

Luke Leins is the Director of Business Development for InvestRes Real Estate which has purchased 17,000 units, maintain $1.5B+ in assets under management


Key Information:

InvestRes has been moving from investing and being vertically integrated to becoming a 3rd party property management

Have a core purpose and always make business decisions that align with that purpose

Multifamily is having a employment crisis because operators can’t find employees

GetDone is a platform to allow maintenance techs to earn more side money AND allow properties to run leaner and handle work orders more efficiently

Underwrite the deal from a top-down and bottom-up approach

Ask underwriters how they got to their number

Don’t forget to upgrade amenities when considering your underwriting

Invest in your marketing so that you can get more potential residents through the door

Payroll not only includes pay but also includes bonus and benefits

Culture is what keeps people from staying and creating less turnover


Expert Pro Tip: Always get different perspectives when underwriting.


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