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Jan 13, 2021

In this episode, Justin Spaulding highlights some of the key components of multifamily real estate deal structuring and financing.

Justin has been active in real estate since 2009. In 2012 he founded SG Realty, LLC. Since then he has raised more than $12,800,000 of 3rd party investor funds and successfully invested 100% of funds into cash flow producing property - his largest being a 199 unit apartment community.

As an example of other acquisitions, in 2016 he closed on a $1,200,000 self-storage facility and on a multifamily asset purchase of $6,000,000 as well as a $1,200,000 operating business. 

Some of the key takeaways from this Podcast include the following:

  • When bad stuff happens and there is fear and panic in the market, smart investors should be able to expand, not shrink.
  • Every real estate deal is unique in itself and should be structured given its distinct nature.
  • It is in your ability to solve investors' problems and dilemma that leads to a stronger deal flow.
  • When it comes to multifamily real estate deal financing, don't look at anything in isolation, whether it is price per unit, interest rates, cap rates, or any other factor. Look at the whole picture.
  • Look for ways to scale up. Hiring the right team and managing your resources efficiently is key to build up the necessary infrastructure for faster growth.
  • Learn how to create win-win for investors, residents and all stakeholders.

Investor Pro Tip: To structure a Multifamily Deal, try to look at both sides of the coin, as many angles as possible.

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