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Mar 25, 2020

Mike Taravella and new co host Will Coleman interviews Jennifer Outland, the Regional Manager with Rand Property Management.

Key Information:

Keep a positive attitude because you need to be a rock to your residents, investors, and your team

Put together a task force to help collaborate all team members and to have fast and consistent communication

Have open communication with your residents regarding rent being due, which local employers are hiring, and other resources are available (

We are providing not just a home and community with our residents

Number one priority is to keep our residents and management safe

Update policies and make sure you document, communicate, and verify team members understand changes

Constantly communicate and over communicate in this dynamic and ever changing environment

Having a plan of action helps dissipate the fear and uncertainty

Jennifer is an absolute rockstar

Government Stimulus will be a huge game changer for our residents to help them during this time

Families First Coronavirus Response Act being passed to expand family and medical leave

Ask your 3rd party property management meeting worst case scenarios during this time and how it affects your budgets


Expert Pro Tip: When looking at deals right now understand your market’s job sectors, delinquency, and COVID-19 infections during your due diligence period.


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