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Mar 4, 2020

Mike Taravella interviews Ryan Smith from Elevation Capital Group to discuss the value of cash flow, manufactured housing communities, and self-storage

Key Information:

Cap Rate is the equivalent of an equity multiple

If you increase the NOI of a 5% cap rate property by $1 per month:

The Cash Flow investor will see a $12 increase

The Value Investor will see a $240 value increase ($12/5%)

Value investors is looking to add dollars of NOI to grow

Manufactured Housing Communities and Storage Facilities have favorable business models where you can consistently add value

Manufactured Housing Communities value add opportunities: provide storage options, covered parking, sheds, increasing rents responsibly 

Fund structure allows more diversification by being able to buy more assets with a single investment

Funds allow for more balance sheet which is vital for financing

Only reason you sell is because the market or property is impaired

Expert Pro Tip: Know what you value and find a structure and sponsor that aligns with your value


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