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Apr 7, 2016

Many of us want financial freedom, but few ever get there. The answer for Brandon Turner was surprisingly simple, old fashion trial and error real estate entrepreneurship. The first step he took was to decide to invest and get in the game. From there, he learned as he went. Achieving financial success is difficult for many but Brandon proves the point that the two most important steps to real estate wealth accumulation are education and action. Otherwise, you could have all the education in the world, but never take the leap. That’s why we were so excited to interview Brandon because in this podcast, he shares how a bad deal early in his career hurt but how he was able to overcome it. He also shares how his good deals and business habits have enabled him to achieve financial freedom. In this episode you will discover: • Starting out with zero experience. • How Brandon achieved financial freedom. • Brandon’s Kurt Cobain house. • Learning on the go. • Scaling your business. • Networking within your community. • Brandon’s buy and hold strategy. • How to Brandon started with multiple strategies. • How daily planning changed his life. • Time leverage. • Life after financial freedom and much more!