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Jul 12, 2018

A former tech man from Silicon Valley, J Scott and his wife moved to Atlanta to start a new chapter. In 2008 they started flipping houses. In 2016 they moved to multifamily and never looked back. Creator of the popular website and Author of The Book on Flipping Houses, The Book On Estimating Rehab Costs and the new The Book On Negotiating Real Estate.


J drops some knowledge on us about everything from where to begin to long term vision. Scaling up your business to suit your needs and goals. He talks about the motivation behind creating a lifestyle and shares how his partner (his wife) helps with accountability. He also shares his thoughts on education in the real estate space a subject near and dear to our hearts.


J is speaking at out October Multifamily Mastery Event in Nashville!


Top 10


-Creating a lifestyle

-Estimating Rehab Costs

-Building relationships

-The Three P’s


-Getting that first deal

-Active vs passive income

-Habits for success

-And Much More!


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