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Jun 20, 2019

Trevor is a Master Platinum Coach with over 20,000 hours of coaching experience. He's worked with clients from around the world, including Fortune 500 executives, high level real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes and professionals. They all seek him for one reason: life-changing transformation.
Before launching his own coaching practice, Trevor was a Master Coach with the Anthony Robbins Group, offering elite coaching unlike any other program in the world.
His mission is to assist others in realizing their true power and hidden potential to achieve more success, wealth, freedom and contribution than they ever thought possible.
Gino and special guest host Josh Roosen speak with Trevor about coaching, identity and The 7 Steps for Massive Success.

The Rundown

Success Leaves Clues
Walking On Fire
Crapping Out
Restaurant Venture
Starting In Real Estate
Tony Robbins
Joe Fairless
Lessons for the Restaurant
Value of a Good Leader
Limiting Beliefs
20,000 Hours
The 7 Steps
What Do You Really Want?
Massive Action
Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows
Knowing Your Outcome
Building Solid Systems
Managing Green Time
The Three S’s
Assuming Identity
Pay to Play or Seek to Serve
Best Real Estate Deal
Think & Grow Rich
Upcoming Projects
Action Steps


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