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Feb 21, 2023

Though James has "made it" he didn't start out a flashy NYC Master Real Estate Investor, in fact, he began as an english major with no aspirations of real estate. He chalks landing in real estate as a stroke of fate born out of being in the right place at the right time, and the insight to listen and learn.  


James talks to Gino and Julia doing business the "right way," and the mindset that is involved. Julia speaks about relationships with significant others and much in the same way that James talks about doing business the "right way" Julia connects that it's also necessary to empathize with your spouse and put yourself in their shoes. Empathy leads to compassion and the daily grind of life does become easier as children get older and you fall into a groove with your business.


During COVID James and his wife Allison wanted to take advantage of the time they had, that led to a podcast “The Insiders Edge to Real Estate Investing”, The Podcast in-turn led to a book by the same name


Gino talks about continuing education and surrounding yourself with the right people, and praises James for continuing to grind while still building relationships. While James discusses the mindset, mentality and drive that puts people in the right spot. James continues on to explain scaling his business and building his team and speaks to the nuances of finding players that work better as a whole than apart. Julia wraps it up by bringing Gino and James back from real estate talk and focusing on how to deal with work and home life and the necessity of bridging the two together while maintaining sanity and structure.